Aldo Bakker

Pot Variations for J. Hill's Standard

Pot Variations for J. Hill's Standard

We're excited to announce new works with J. Hill's Standard.

J. Hill's Standard is drawn by the lightness that suffuses all of Aldo’s objects. This quality springs partly from his strong sense of play and humour. Beauty, magic, escape from the world of noise into embodied calm and quietness –these things are fugitive but to the fore in everything he creates.

The capture of an early primary gesture led to an exploration of ideas though extended conversation and sketches over the last two years. This painstaking process, in many ways enabled by extended pandemic lockdown, led to the incubation of a family of forms.

From this pool of potential, a handful of pieces insisted on being.

A deliberate openness to possibility in the design stage lead us on a journey of method and material discovery: each piece enacting its identity in various materials – glass both blown and kiln cast, brass, stone and porcelain.  

Render by Stefan Tervoort.