Aldo Bakker

The Domestic Plane Publication

The Domestic Plane Publication

The Domestic Plane documents the interlinked exhibition series of the same name at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, a "meta-group exhibition in five chapters." Organized by five curators, and featuring the work of more than 70 artists, The Domestic Plane explores tabletop art objects from the 20th and 21st centuries: hundreds of intimately scaled works that shine new light on the relationship between objects and the domestic space, the human body and human behavior.

Extensively illustrated, The Domestic Plane documents works from each of the five exhibitions. Aldo Bakker's design Pivot is featured in the chapter Handheld, also including work by Alma Allen, Kathy Butterly, David Clarke, Iris Eichenberg, Laura Fischer, Jennifer Lee, Shari Mendelson, Ron Nagle, Kay Sekimachi, Bob Stockdale, Christopher Taylor, Anne Wilson, Thaddeus Wolfe, and Shinya Yamamura.

Text: Amy Smith-Stewart, David Adamo, Elizabeth Essner, Dakin Hart, Richard Klein
Graphic design: Gretchen Kraus
Photography: Jason Mandella

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