Aldo Bakker

Making In

Making In

Annual design seminar ‘Making In’

Aldo was invited by moderator Glenn Adamson to participate in Joseph Walsh Studio’s annual design seminar, Making In.

Now in its third year, Making In has already become established as an important annual event in the creative calendar, successfully attracting internationally acclaimed architects, designers and curators to Cork to participate in a one day seminar that focuses on making and the thinking that informs the choices made by design professionals.
The theme of this year’s event is Making In: Public. This explores sites of creative production and the notion that their inaccessibility has contributed to their lure and attraction. It asks, as Glenn Adamson has written, ‘what happens when making is brought out into the public realm, either literally or through other media. Perhaps it [making] can help forge connections with the general public, by providing them with accessible narratives into the creative process.’
This years speakers also include, among others, Charles Renfro, Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara, Sheila Loewe and Chris Schanck.

Date: Saturday 14-09-2019
Location: Joseph Walsh Studio, Cork, Ireland