Aldo Bakker


Small Wonders

Small Wonders, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Aldo Bakker Studio designed the scenography for the exhibition Small Wonders about Late Gothic boxwood micro-carvings from the Low Countries. The exhibition, curated by Frits Scholten, displayed over 60 examples of miniature sculptures in the form of prayer beads, altarpieces, rosaries, statuettes and other types.


Besides the design of the overall scenography (the display cases, the pedestals, the colour scheme), several pieces of the Aldo Bakker Studio were incorporated in the exhibition. Lens could be used to enlarge the view of the minuscule delicates sculptures and Tri Angle provided a seat and a moment of introspection.

17th of June until the 17th of September 2017
Photography by Erik and Petra Hesmerg