Aldo Bakker

Geert Lap - Specific Objects

Geert Lap - Specific Objects

On June 1st the exhibition Geert Lap - Specific Objects will open at the Design Museum Den Bosch.
The show is curated by Frederic Baas and the scenography was designed by Aldo Bakker in collaboration with Jantien Roozenburg. On show is a wide range of objects shown in three catagories, also included is the complete series of the 99 variations, 99 unique black pieces.

From June 1 until August 18, 2019

Design Museum Den Bosch
De Mortel 4
5211 HV ‘s-Hertogenbosch

During the opening of the exhibition the publication Geert Lap - Specific Object will be released.
The book designed by Beukers Scholma includes texts by Titus Eliëns and Ernst van Alphen and the photography was done by Erik & Petra Hesmerg.

Curator: Fredric Baas
Text at the top: Ernst van Alphen
Exhibition design: Aldo Bakker & Jantien Roozenburg
Photography: Erik & Petra Hesmerg
Publication design: Beukers Scholma
Text publication: Titus Eliëns, Ernst van Alphen

Special thanks to:
The exhibition Geert Lap - Specific Objects is made possible with the financial support of:
Turing Foundation
Creative Industries Fund NL
Van Achterbergh-Domhof Fund.