Aldo Bakker

Special edition Milk Can

Special edition Milk Can

Crowdfunding for a book!

Together with nai010 publishers in Rotterdam, we are preparing a monumental publication which takes his own work as a starting point. Stemming from his strong desire to write about design in a broader way – including from both (art) historical and philosophical perspectives – the book will offer a reflection on Aldo Bakker's work and will present his sources of inspiration, such as works made by kindred spirits from different disciplines.

This richly illustrated publication, to be published in Spring 2016, will contain an introduction by British design critic Alice Rawsthorn, as well as a core essay by Dutch art critic Hans den Hartog Jager. In his text, Den Hartog Jager articulates the abstract in a clear way, while at the same time employing a uniquely emotional and sensorial method of examination. In this way, the separation between art and design is blurred and design is spotlighted from a new angle.

For the realisation of this ambitious project, we have received a generous commitment of the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund. To cover the remaining cost, Aldo Bakker is manufacturing a special edition of his Dutch Design Award winning Milk Can (2009). Only 150 numbered copies of this limited edition (dark blue) Milk Can will be produced, and we would like to offer you, as an acquaintance of Aldo Bakker, the first chance to purchase this special edition Can in combination with a (if desired: signed) copy of the publication at a special price of 250 euros.

As quantities are limited, please let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in supporting the publication in this way. You can do this by sending an email to (Reservations will be processed in order of receipt, multiple copies per order is allowed).