Aldo Bakker



The exhibition Quiz, curated by Robert Stadler, opens the 13th of June at Galerie Poirel, Nancy, France. On show are the Wooden Tonus and the Jug and Cup, amongst the works of 50 other designers. 

All of the objects presented in the exhibition resist the preconceived typologies that are sculpture, the product, the piece of furniture, etc. – they intrigue, baffle and above all give rise to a great freedom in the ways in which we comprehend and appreciate them. These unrecognizable and stimulating things, go beyond the catchphrase ‘art or design’ / ‘art and design’, rendering the question of the objects’ status obsolete, attempting, by their incongruous, stupefying or falsely recognizable shapes, to explore the status of the thing today.

From 13 June to 12 October 2013
Galerie Poirel
Rue Victor Poirel 3
Nancy, France