Aldo Bakker

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York

We are exited to inform you about our first solo exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Slow Motion shows how Aldo materializes the eternal quest for the perfect object through objects that guise themselves as tightrope walkers, balancing between moving, standing still, and almost crashing down. By positioning his works as individual characters, Aldo forces his audience to shift its perception. We are no longer looking at an inanimate object on which we project our knowledge of style, shape or material value. Instead, these creatures invite us to engage in a conversation about their behaviour, their uncertainties, their beliefs, their native tongue. We do not approach them as buyers or even as art historians, we become their fellow travellers, questioning ourselves as much as they question us.

Text by Gert Staal

Private Viewing
Thursday, April 25th 2019
From 6 to 8 p.m.

From April 26th until June 22nd 2019